loading texture slow

i run my game on iOS load very slow,Xcode report data (22029656060592128) to be loaded longer than 1000ms
LogSerialization:Warning: Waiting for …/…/…/Sword_VS_Gun/Content/InfinityBladeWarriors/Character/CompleteCharacters/Textures_Materials/CharM_solid/T_CharM_solid_D.uasset bulk data (22029656060592128) to be loaded longer than 1000ms,old version is work fine,I didn’t change the texture,All of a sudden load problems.it is bug?

Can you please include the following details:

  • What device are you using to test on?
  • Can you reproduce in a blank project, and if so can you detail the steps here to do so?
  • Is it only this asset that is causing the issue?
  • Include the full log from the project.
  • Include details about the asset such as the texture size used, the material setup, etc.

Without this information I will not be able to proceed since this appears to be something that needs to be optimized on your end and may not be directly a bug with the editor and a packaged project in general.

Thank you!