Loading multi-tiled textures into UE4 using UDIM


I’ve been working with modelling a dragon in Blender and the model itself contains 3 objects - wings, head, body. I’ve been wondering whether I can join all 3 objects into one object and use one multi-tiled UV without using 3 UV maps for my model. I read the following article - How to I get Multipatch textures UDIM like from Mari into Unreal? - Asset Creation - Unreal Engine Forums - but I must ask it, because the last comment in that topic there was posted on the first november 2015 and till now UE4 has got UE 4.10, 4.11 and 4.12 (which might have this feature…).

Anyways here’s how my islands are placed right now (dunno whether it’s neccessary…).

My question to you is - is it possible to use multi-tiled textures via UDIM? If so I would very much like to see how to make it happen.

It might be dumb thing to ask, but I’ll risk with it, because I have felt the feeling “I should’ve asked before I started doing anything” just too much with creating this model and importing this to UE4… :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!