Load Video - Menù

Hello to all, I have created a menu with blueprint, by pressing a button starts a function in C ++ that loads a video. Despite this, I have some problems. Here we public the code:

void UViewVideo::ViewVideo(FString video, bool skippable, float duration) {

FLoadingScreenAttributes movieAttributes;
movieAttributes.bAutoCompleteWhenLoadingCompletes = false;
movieAttributes.bMoviesAreSkippable = skippable;

if (!GetMoviePlayer()->PlayMovie()) {
	UE_LOG(LogScript, Warning, TEXT("ERROR"));


void UVisualizzaVideo::LoadRes() {

void UVisualizzaVideo::StopVideo() {

.h it’s a easy list of declaration.

If you have any ideas, advice or workaround, ty!

what problem are you facing?
the engine don’t support so many video codecs and format. be sure your video is in 720p mp4

Hello, exactly, 720p .mp4 .
The problem is that by playing the video a few times, after some reproductions, the video disappears and you only hear the audio.
We probably need to clean up some cache or memory area, of the video player? via c ++ code.