Load uasset from plugin root relative filepath

I am newbie and trying to develop a plugin.

I know that I can load assets from content folder “asset path” with FObjectFinder.

However I want my assets to be distributed with plugin as well(those assets would be fixed). Therefore I thought, it would be better to be placed in a plugin root relative folder (therefore to be packaged inside plugin, when the plugin is distribution-ready). However I could not find a way to load them in the Plugin code.

Is this a wise approach? Or should I place them in the contents folder, and distribute them side by side?

If you are asking why I am making a plugin to distribute assets, it is because the plugin has higher level functionality which needs these fixed assets.

I can generate them in the plugin, however since these assets will never change, It is easier to make them in editor, and load them to the plugin in the plugin code.

What I am saying, might be very wrong, since I am new to UE4 coding.