Load New Level From Box Trigger?

So I’ve seen a whole bunch of tutorials on having a main menu and clicking a button to load a level, but NOTHING on when the player gets to a certain door, they open the door and a load screen pops up and loads a new level. Is there any information out there?

What I want to happen is when the player reaches a building, The player inside the box trigger presses “E” and a load screen comes up and a new level loads.

I’ve seen stuff on level streaming, but that doesn’t seem like the thing I need. Here’s the code I have now that is functional but I don’t think this is right:

I’ve heard this is the wrong way to do it, and also lots of people have “fake” load screens where its just a “delay” node. So any help would be great. Thanks

Create a widget with loading screen text on it.
Create a bool that is enabled when you overlap a box trigger and cast it to the character blueprint.
You can add a timer to keep the loading screen on longer but it is basically a visual so you know it was loading, not for seeing percentage loaded.

The pib.jpg is the actor containing the box trigger and the fpc.jpg is the first person character blueprint.

Interesting, I’ll try it out and see if it works out. However, I see a slight flaw, and maybe you can help with this as well. How would I load multiple areas. Such as load one level, then once I get to the end load a new 3rd level and so on and so forth?

A bit late to the party, but you could always pass the name of the level you wish to load as a parameter (for example, name the trigger volume as the exact name of the level to be loaded, capitalization and all, and Get Display Name to retrieve it) and plug said parameter into the Level Name slot of the Open Level function.