Load errors and Map check errors

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Non-spatially loaded actor errors
Load package errors

Steps to Reproduce

-Open UEFN
-Open project

Expected Result

-Open UEFN
-Open project
-Project opens without errors

Observed Result

Non-spatially loaded actor errors
Load package errors



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“Non-spatially loaded actor references Spatially loaded actor”

The issue is that you have an actor that isn’t not spatially loaded (streamed) that references actors that are spatially loaded. This is invalid because the spatially loaded actors will be streamed in and out based on the players location.

You need to set their spatially loaded properties to be the same.

See this video for examples - https://youtu.be/gtX0gPOSkbU?t=564

Oh, I undestand.

This is a bit strange for me this problem just appeared a few weeks ago, so about what is being said in the video, there should be not way a verse device controlls a prop that is spatially loaded.

What could happend if this prop is not loaded and the verse device tries to change the material for example? We just published one map with this problem and we ignored it. Does UEFN automatly set the prop to non spatially loaded?

Edit: I just checked other props in other map and there are references from a verse device to them (Spatialliy Loaded) and the experience is not generating these errors, so it does not make sense for me

Would you mind to check this example? @GrantGoldkey

In this project (From November 2023) I have other verse device that references a Spatially actor, but I am not getting any error.

Verse Device:


Why is it different?
The verse devices are now Non-Spatially Loaded and before they were Spatially?

I am trying to undertand why is this happening and what I should do with this issue


Probably unrelated, sometimes I’ve moved some non spatial props as children onto a spatial prop and vice versa and it throws these errors after HLOD building.