Load CSV/Data table in runtime (Builds)

Hello Guys,

I use a Data table for my weapons class which has information regarding “Bullet Spread”, “Rate of Fire” Etc.
For tweaking purposes, I want to make a build for my QA guys. I would like him to keep playing and tweaking the values from a Packaged build. Is there any way I can have an excel sheet in a build folder and Load the Data table from that Excel sheet?

Currently I am able to import/update csv in editor only. I would like to make it such that we can tweak values in run time and test the rate of fire/ bullet spread etc.

1.Is there a way to do this?

2 If so, do I have to close the game every time to update the asset or can I have a keypress to reload the data table with updated excel sheet values?

Thanks !

Did you find a solution for this? As far as I can tell its not supported by data tables you would have to write your own CVS parser to do this. But I am a newb and following this thread as I am curious about this as well. Please share if you discover anything

From what I’ve researched. The best way to do it is to use Rama’s victory plugin which can help parsing much easier. It can help you parse it into structures (Look into his explode functionality) So I everytime I load a gun (or once per level if executed smartly), I have to parse the bullet details from the excel and save it as a struct. Then use that to initialize my bullet. I am not sure if this was the answer you are looking for, but this is a definite solution. Hope this helps

Hey y’all, I read this question during R&D and decided to make it happen during a Friday Jam. It’s on the marketplace here: Runtime DataTable - Import text CSV or Google Sheet at runtime and fill an array of structs! - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums