Load asset from .pak file,but synchronousLoad failed attempt to load

Load asset from .pak file,mount success,but synchronousLoad failed attempt to load,Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thank you very much.

FString MountPoint(FPaths::EngineContentDir()); 

	if (PakPlatformFile->Mount(*SaveContentDir, 0, *MountPoint))
		UE_LOG(YourLog, Warning, TEXT("Mount Success"));
		TArray<FString> AssetsToLoad;
		TArray<FString> FileList;

	PakFile.FindFilesAtPath(FileList, *PakFile.GetMountPoint(), true, false, true);

	FStreamableManager* StreamableManager = new FStreamableManager();
		FString AssetName = FileList[10];
		FString AssetShortName = FPackageName::GetShortName(AssetName);
		FString LeftStr;
		FString RightStr;
		AssetShortName.Split(TEXT("."), &LeftStr, &RightStr);
		AssetName = TEXT("/Engine/") + LeftStr + TEXT(".") + LeftStr;
		FStringAssetReference reference = AssetName;

		UObject* LoadObject = StreamableManager->SynchronousLoad(reference);
		if (LoadObject != nullptr)
			UE_LOG(YourLog, Warning, TEXT("Object Load Success..."))
			UE_LOG(YourLog, Warning, TEXT("Can not Load asset..."))

error message:

LogTemp: Warning:  ----------- LoadPak: ../../../../../Unreal Projects/codetest03/Content/newout.pak --------------
YourLog: Warning:   not load pak ../../../../../Unreal Projects/codetest03/Content/newout.pak
YourLog: Warning: Mount Success
YourLog: Warning:   Pak ALL Path ../../../Engine/Content/
YourLog: Warning:  Pathname... /Engine/003.uasset
LogStreamableManager: Failed attempt to load /Engine/003.uasset
YourLog: Warning: Can not Load asset...

Hi, did you ever solve the issue ?

I use unreal 4.19.

Make sure *.uasset is cooked ( a.uasset + a.uexp).

Cook file

you can find cooked asset in [Project]\Saved\Cooked dir.

try this AssetName = “/Game/path_to_asset/asset_name.asset_name”