Live Link Face OSC Broadcasting

Hi - I am trying to use Live Link Face to broadcast face capture data to another application (on iPhone and Mac) but I’m not receiving any data over OSC, even though its successfully controlling in Unreal.

Here’s my setup:

I set up the app to broadcast to the correct IP address following the official directions. I have been monitoring the OSC output and can send /OSCSetSendTarget messages from the terminal to Live Link and it responds with an /OSCSetSendTargetConfirm message. So I know its receiving and can send OSC messages to my computer.

But thats the only message I’m receiving. I thought it would stream the live blendshape data but its not. I’ve also tried sending /LiveLinkStreamStart message but nothing works.

Am I doing something wrong here? Does Live Link Face stream data over OSC like this or what?

Any help is much appreciated.

I am pretty sure this is a bug at this point. I compared with Face Cap ios app and was able to monitor all OSC streaming data using that app. I don’t get why I am not able to detect OSC messages from Live Link Face, since I am able to successfully broadcast to Unreal.

Any Unreal developer able to reproduce this bug would be appreciated.

Using iOS 14 on iPhone 11
macOS 10.15.6 on 2019 macbook pro

hi, im tryint to do the opossite, fake the app so ue4 receives messages from my app,
have you made some progress ?

if you are sure you are getting data in ue4 but not with your custom client , have your tried connecting to ue4 and use something
like wireshark to listen to the udp conversationt to see missing calls from your side ?

For anyone still having this issue: for blendshape streaming you do not need to use OSC. Setup a UDP listener in your app using any unused port. Then in the LiveLink iPhone app in Settings->Live Link add a target with the IPAddress of your computer and the port it is listening on. Then turn on Live at Startup.

At this point, your computer app should be receiving blendshape data (only when the face mesh is active) from LiveLink. There is some work you need to do to interpret these messages and I leave that up to you but I will tell you that non-string data is in BigEndian and the bytes need to be reversed.

Good Luck!