Live Link Face AR Project doesn't recognize iPhone over cable

Everything works great through Wifi, but if I connect the iPhone to the computer and turn off the wifi, Unreal doesn’t recognize it.
Is there anything extra I need to set up? In the LiveLinkFace app do I need to use the same ip address that I used for the wifi?

I’m not using USB, I have a new macbook that has only lightning ports.

I have the same problem, did you ever get this to work?

If you’re using an Ethernet(?) connector/adapter for your iPhone you need to go into General Settings and go to Ethernet (under Wi-Fi) Dig into that and get your IPv4 Address.

Tried that, but ue4 and live link still does not recognize the phone. Works perfectly through wifi.

Open the settings in iPhone to make sure ethernet is all set and working.

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In my experience; both devices should connect to modem directly with different cables. For iphone with ligtning network switch. Both devices should connect to modem seperately. Then it should work. Before I tried I switched to my computer wireless from ethernet, and it didnt work. But when I connect them both to modem with different cable it worked. I dont know if it will work for everyone just want to share my experience.