Live link face app /Transport

Hi there- just wondering if anyone is using the official Live link face app- in the documentation there is a /Transport OSC message that can be used to retrieve data from the phone. Unfortunately it is vague about what arguments are needed for it to work, and how to designate where the files are sent. Anybody got any ideas?

from the /RecordStopConfirm message I get three strings

[0] a 00:00:00 formatted number, possibly a time code or some arguments for the /transport command to work
[1] [local phone part of the CSV file
[2] local phone path of the .mov file

official documentation-

"Using a path returned by the /RecordStopConfirm command (above), requests the app to transport the contents of the file to the specified IP address and port. The app will open a TCP connection to that address and port. It first sends an int32 that contains the total size of the file, in big-endian format. It then sends the contents of the file."