Live Camera Stream

I’m trying to stream the camera texture along with the face tracking data via live link and it looks like Unreal doesn’t support live streaming video. I only tried an .m3u8 stream and it seams to only play the audio stream (I’m assuming because the video stream is split into chunks and UE4 doesn’t handle that logic). Is there some other format that works with the MediaPlayer or some other way to play a live stream on a texture?

The bits below are what I use to place the camera image on an arbitrary mesh. 4.23 is the first version that supports this.

Hi Joe, how do I access 4.23? I don’t see it on the github repo. I am also trying to do streaming using the Oculus Quest and I am getting the same result as the OP is getting.

This is very useful and I also want to know how do we get 4.23 ? thx