Little help

so i went into ElectricalJuction BP and changed the settings “Pickup Gives Item” and set that to Primalitemstructure_PowerOutlet and i compile and saved just to see if it makes the reg outlet reusable and i hit play i was able to craft it and place it and it worked but i did the same to the one i copied and it dosent power anything im not sure if i must of forgot to come a item over or a BP over or what…

I didn’t say the pickup of the objects was not going to work, I said the power wouldn’t work. There’s a flaw in how they implemented the “power-checks”, they may have since changed it to not require an exact class match but I have not heard or seen anything about this.


so if the power up of items dosent work how did aku shima get it to work?

Like I said, Aku Shima has done this. Aku Shima outlets powers things just fine. Im not sure what you are missing there.

As I have also said, when I am able to get home I will actually open up my editor, and test things myself to try and find you a proper solution, as there must be one as one is being implemented already else where. Making assumptions without trying is like shooting yourself in the foot.

I may not be able to figure it out. I am no guru.

thanks jslay hope u can figure it out i been here all done trying to see in the core game files what im missing or what bp im missing

Parenting works as it should.

How I set the Parent:

Go the Components tab

Click Blueprint Props

Click the Drop down and change it to ElectricJunction

Here is the source.
Place this into your Mods directory, and restart editor.

Do NOT however, link anything to your ReusableElectricJunction for requiring power tho, as it will not work in the reverse order to the old items. They will need to get power from ElectricJunction, and it will still work with ReusableElectricJunction

Thank so much ima see if i can do it with the steps u took if not ima use ur files

quick question @jslay how did u enable the reusable i want to see if u did it the same way i did

link pickup gives item to primal item reusable blah blah

thats what i did and everytime i pick up the item i get the demo animation i was wondering if there is a way to get rid of that

remove the demolished mesh/ani from the actor. (ReusableElectricJunction)

There is no way to separate the pickup ani from the demolished ani, as picking up, demolishes, and gives the player the item in return. At least, not without graphing your own multiuse pickup up functions that handles it. But then you would leave pickup gives item blank and handle the giving of the item in the multiuse func as well

ahh i get it well i added glass walls now and im planning to add crafting table for my mod hope u all check it out and thanks Jslay for all ur help so far :slight_smile:

@Jslay is there a way to make an outlet run without cables just to be in a range distance of the generator?

Not that I am aware of.

This can only be done on the object to be powered. Clearing the cable template or something (it’s in the same area as the powered structure in range template) stops the “cable” from appearing in-game for that object, but as I said it needs to be done for every object to not have them show up.


i think he means more like, generator as an outlet, no cable, no outlet need to provide power, just a gen.

No, went back and re-read, we’re both misunderstanding. He wants an outlet, but no cables between the outlet an the generator. Why, I have no idea.

Given the new context, it is possible. Can’t be done on a vanilla outlet, but with a custom one you can do it.


Oh yeah, can be done with a core or TC ‘easy’, but I think he is trying to keep it clean and stackable.

Read my post again, I edited it just as you posted I think.


I keep reading wrong.

Yeah, I guess if you changed what it could attach too, possibly.