Little help with semi-transparent plastic colored material

Hi there, I would like to ask for a direction, how to get as close as possible to a windshield on picture here:
It should be as realistic as possible, as I am trying to achieve most realistic result. In reality, this model is a piece of lego, so I would like to get this kind of classy lego windshield. So far I only got to this: ac72ae66e6f9fd07eaea6f7b89e25688585bbcac.jpeg with a material setup like this:
I am learning unreal engine and the mat setup is really basic. I did try to use different settings, but again, I am not getting anyway near. I also did try to follow some tutorials on youtube to achieve mirror like mats etc, but it didnt help me to get closer to result. Do I also need to have a proper setup of PBR to achieve this kind of result? Thanks everyone for some kind of direction

Make sure you are using a Lighting Mode of “Surface Translucency Volume” and not a volumetric mode. And enable Screen space reflections. And round out the model so that you’ll have better reflections and specularity on the edges that are supposed to be round.

Even then, translucency is hard, so you may never match it perfectly.

Use surface per pixel to have specularity. And add refraction.
SSR are weird. Use a cubemap instead. Or a capture reflections actors. Or a skylight.