Lit Partilce Odd Shadows

So when I preview a particle in cascade and it’s default is “Lit” I get strange harsh shadows and with additive materials the particles come out looking black.

Now I’ve noticed when I place them in the world the same thing happens with the additive… they look black when looking at them from below.

I’m assuming they look black because of shadowing, but I need a way to have them either not shadow, or have a much less harsh shadow than they have now.

How would I go about that?

Hi Imatk -

The previewer’s shadow distortion that you are seeing in Cascade is an artifact of the simulated light source and should in no way translate into the particle system in the level. To minimize the effect of this error, hold “L” down and move the mouse in Cascade’s viewport to align light source with your particle system.

If your particle’s material is set to additive change the Translucency Lighting Model to TLM Non-Directional (will appear lit the same from all directions) or TLM Surface (Shadows will be rendered as translucent, show a fading effect where there would be shadows).

Thank You

Eric Ketchum