Listen server vs Dedicated server

I am starting to make a multiplayer FPS game and I was wondering if I should go with listen servers or with dedicated servers (using AWS Gamelift or similar). Each game will be 10 players maximum. Will a listen server model run smoothly for those 10 players?

It depends on what model you want to use.

Dedicated servers are expensive to host and at-risk to DDoS/attacks but provide the most reliable service to all players.

Listen servers give one player (the host) an advantage, are not reliable, but are a cheaper solution for the developer. You need a lot of extra code to try and match make people with similar geographies to minimise lag.

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I have tried both, but DS Takes much more time to set up it.
DS requires the next steps:

  1. Enter Epics’ GitHub Community;
  2. Download the engine version from
  3. Complete the download from the
    engine’s files Setup.bat;
  4. Create 2 files for server and the
  5. Compile them and then if you did
    everything right, you will be able
    to start working on your project.

It requires 100 GB of free space on your hard drive, only to compile the engine’s code, so keep in mind.
You will be able to run the project only from the VS because if you will try to open it from EPGS It will tell you that the version of the engine is unknown(? - question mark).


But Listen it is much easier to start, just download EPGS, download the engine version which you need, and start coding either in BP of C++

I not an expert, but if you will run Listen server on a mash-potato It will be running slowly. It also depends on your code logic and other optimization like textures, LOD(Leve of Details), image size, modes, and many many other things.
A decent PC can run lots of info about the game if it is not overloaded with many stuff.

So everything depends on your needs and functionality.

A listen server includes the host as a local player.
To launch a listen server, use the command line:
?listen -game

A dedicated server does not include the host as a local player.
Renderering, audio, and anything else that isn’t required is disabled to use a minimal footprint both in memory and cpu.

To launch a dedicated server, use the command line:

useful resources:

if its a Lan game, use Listen server, its free and very fast in that case.
if not and the players are far away from each other use dedicated server

what do you mean lots of code