Linux Ubuntu 14.04 Qt Creator Hanging when Debugging

Hello Everyone,

First of all I am new here so I may not inform my question in the most proper way, please excuse any faults I may make. If there is any additional information that must be provided, please let me know and I will provide it.


Unreal Engine: 4.11

OS: Ubuntu 14.04

Qt Creator: 3.6.0

Qt: 5.5.1

Unreal Engine has been successfully built on Linux, following the wiki guide (A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums)

Qt Creator plugin has been built (GitHub - fire/QtCreatorSourceCodeAccess) and “Salamander Rake’s” video guide has been followed (- YouTube).


When executing the debugging step in Qt Creator, it sometimes executes sometimes correctly and is able to open the unreal project but sometimes the debugging hangs and the Qt Creator uses up around 7.2 GB of Ram. I have left the IDE in this state for over 30 min, and nothing changes and no output information appears in the IDE, so I do not understand what it is hanging and why it consumes so much ram.

The strangest part is that this is not constant, sometimes the problem occurs and stop at this point and sometimes it is able to execute the debugging process entirely and open the Unreal project in the Unreal Editor normally. It is also inconsistent in the fact that it may execute correctly with a project once or twice but then when executed again, with the same project, this problem may occur.

Temporary Solution

When Qt Creator hangs in this state I must kill the Qt Creator process and try again and hope that next time it will build successfully.

Thank you very much for your inputs.



I have figured out the problem and possible solutions (though they are not the ideal solutions).


The problem occurs when the Clean Project Step is executed in Qt Creator. Doing this will delete around 4600 files from the Unreal Engine directory, specifically around 260 files from the Binaries/Linux folder, including the UE4Editor file.

I believe what happens is that when executing a qmake or build step after performing the clean, the Qt Creator would not be able to access certain files and, therefore, go into a loop state.


  1. Disable the Clean Step in Qt Creator.

  2. Do not execute the Clean Project Step in Qt Creator.

  3. If the Clean Step was executed, then the Unreal Engine must be built again ( make SlateViewer ; make UE4Editor UE4Game UnrealPak CrashReportClient ShaderCompileWorker UnrealLightmass). After it is built again, the Qt Creator can be used normally (qmake, build and debugging).


This is not the ideal solution. It would be better to be able to use the Clean Step in a more clever way than I have. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be glad to hear them.

The argument I used in the Clean Step was (Make arguments: Project_NameEditor ARGS="-clean")

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Glad you got to the bottom of this. I marked the question as resolved for you.