Linux and distcc

I live in a house with multiple computers. What my fellow room-mates don’t know is that their computers are each host to a linux virtual machine running ubuntu server. I have SSH access to each of these machines, some of them are somewhat powerful. I have distcc installed on all of them, I’m trying to do a distributed compile.

The usual…
$ distcc-pump make UE4Clinet CC=“distcc clang++”

doesn’t seem to be working. It compiles, but distcc-pump doesn’t distribute any work. Any ideas on why this is?

Last I attempted this UBT didn’t seem to play along. I got DistCC working for building zlib (or was it gzip) and standard make projects, but couldn’t hack UBT to take advantage of it, this was on Ubuntu 14.04. I set <bAllowDistcc>true</bAllowDistcc> in BuildConfiguration.xml but no dice. To anyone looking to go further I suppose checking out how it all works on Mac would be a good place to start.

I haven’t spent much time on UBT and I don’t have the desire or will atm to spend the time to learn the codebase proper so I’m not going to continue to fool with it.