Linking UE4 to VS Code without installing VS 2019

So, I’ve just started UE4, but I got some problems.

So first, I moved from Unity to UE4 to get the chance of using C++, since this is one of the languages we’re gonna study in our school in my current academic year. Since people knew about my game dev passion, they gave me advice like, “Why not use the languages we’re studying right now?”. Yeah, study is really tight and I couldn’t get enough time for Unity and C#, so I decided to go for UE4.

The laptop I’m using got a 237GB SSD, so my storage is tight. I tried to remove target platforms I didn’t need, like Android and Linux since they take some huge space (6.92GB and 9.49GB respectfully), so you can see I’m preserving some space for other personal stuff.

I went to UE4 to learn C++ while doing something I enjoy much, I thought maybe it can boost my knowledge on it lol. The problem is this now:

When I’m trying to use C++ on a project, it demands me to download and install VS 2019. I already got and always used VS Code, but anyways I downloaded VS 2019. I was then overwhelmed by the space some “plugins” (I guess? I don’t remember), which is somewhere like 13GB, if I remember. So I wanted to know like, is there instead a way to link UE4 to VS Code? I tried opening a project with Blueprints, then going through settings in order to set my code editor to VS Code, but it looks like it can’t get it and still demands me to install VS 2019. I don’t wanna install more stuff in my computer which take up much space. Even if I’m gonna install extensions in VS Code, I’m fine with it. Any help is really appreciated.

And thanks for reading! Have a nice day!