Linking modules within cascade

Really simple question here but I just cannot find it for the life of me. How do you link modules from other emitters so that they all change at once? It’s used in about every example ever and has a ‘+’ next to it when they’re linked.
Eg. Screenshot - 80c0dd971359a3c2b044d0dd8e9d7b60 - Gyazo

I want to be able to dynamically set the lifetime of the particle effect, and doing that with particles which have 10+ emitters would get really tedious if you have to have a different ‘set param’ for each one. I’m assuming I can just link those, and then set them all to the one parameter, but I need to know how to link them.

If you hold down shift, you can drag the module to another emitter and make it link :slight_smile:

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Cheers, that’s the one.