Link to 360° video

My question is this: I want to create an environment (eg a forest) where internally I can interact with 3 different situations. All through Oculus VR. If I interact with an object or a door, entering a room or just teleport somewhere. It will be possible to connect a link to a 360 ° video in the same project through Unreal Engine 4?

while I’m not entirely sure what you are after I’m guessing you might be looking for:

  1. creating a sphere (normals facing inwards)
  2. applying an mp4 as a media texture to the orb
  3. step inside orb and watch 360° video all around you on Oculus Rift

Our team has done this - works quite well altho resolution might be an issue depending how close you are to the actual video/orb

yt tut media texture :

Thank you for the reply.
But I through vr view, as I move around the map, when I enter inside a room (eg by opening a door) or touching an object, the actor finds himself in a 360 ° video, then through a button it can return to the main room.
I don’t know if I explained.

I guess you can put each 360 video (assuming you have many) into an own map. Then use OpenLevel when you step into the room to move the player to the map where the related video is. Once done watching the video, you can come back to the previous level and position the player just outside the door of the room.


Unreal engine has the opportunity to see a 360 ° video through my viewer Oculus VR?
Because I would like to see inside of my 3d environment a video to 360 °.