Link errors in UBTTaskNode classes

After converting my project to 4.12 I have link errors in 2 of my UBTTaskNode classes:

2>AllowNextMarker.cpp.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: virtual void __cdecl IGameplayTaskOwnerInterface::OnGameplayTaskActivated(class UGameplayTask &)" (?OnGameplayTaskActivated@IGameplayTaskOwnerInterface@@UEAAXAEAVUGameplayTask@@@Z)


#pragma once

#include "BehaviorTree/BTTaskNode.h"
#include "AllowNextMarker.generated.h"

class GAME_API UAllowNextMarker : public UBTTaskNode
		EBTNodeResult::Type ExecuteTask(UBehaviorTreeComponent & OwnerComp, uint8 * NodeMemory) override;

I am having similar issues and would equally appreciate some assistance with why 4.12 is causing this.

This is a known issue with changing to 4.12 and using tasks. It can be resolved by simply adding “GameplayTasks” to the PublicDependencyModuleNames section inside your ‘ProjectName’.Build.cs For example:

PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { “Core”, “CoreUObject”, “Engine”, “InputCore”, “AIModule”, “GameplayTasks” });

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Life saver. Thanks!



Thanks so much.

Thank you so much!

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Thank you, and when will this be fixed?

life saver thx.

4.19 still has this issue. but I’m a bit curious. I have another .cpp and .h that use the
virtual EBTNodeResult::Type ExecuteTask(UBehaviorTreeComponent& OwnerComp, uint8* NodeMemory) override;

but cause no issues. Why is that?

THANKS!!! Life saver!

OMG Thanks I’ve been struggling with this for an hour trying to dig through my project and linker settings. You’re a real hero.

A true hero :wink: Thanks man!

Thank you kindly for saving me a bunch of frustration

It will throw this error in 5.0.2 as well when you add any class of type BTTask_BlackBoardBase. This one I would consider moderately evil considering that there is not a good way to really understand why this is happening or even where to begin to look to resolve it.