Lining up metal things with weird shading

I’m making these steel traffic rails.

I want to line a bunch of them up but when I do the shading is strange. The edges get very dark and it looks terrible when a bunch are in a row. I want a more even, realistic distribution of light so they don’t look so repeated. You can see the middle is shiny and the edges are very black. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Any solutions?

Below is how it looks in Unreal, my material setup and then how it looks in SubstanceDesigner.

Thanks for any help!!!

Judging by the glimpse on the right side of the photo there, it may be due to your roughness textures?

if u just export the texture using the PS buttom in SP.And not do any adjustment,ur base color would be darker and roughtness would be too heavy.

Thanks for your help. I took off metallic, roughness, everything. Even with just a constant diffuse color I get this very uneven lighting. You can see here there’s like a gradient on each one. On the left side it’s bright and it gets dark on the right. It makes everything so ugly when I fence them together. Is there any way to set it so it has an even lighting so I can chain them together?


I’m thinking it’s the smoothing groups. It looks like the normals on the corners of your model are pointing at an angle around the corner. Try making the ends hard edges or adding more edge loops and see if your lighting is more even.

YES! Thank you so much! Just added around a dozen vertical loop cuts and that did the trick.

You may want to rebake your maps with the new smoothing groups, as your roughness seems to reflect the old one. Glad you were able to narrow down the cause. =)

Glad I could help!! :slight_smile: