Linetrace not working in world composition level

TArray<TEnumAsByte<EObjectTypeQuery>> ObjectTypes;
ObjectTypes.Add(EObjectTypeQuery::ObjectTypeQuery1); // Landscape
TArray<AActor*> ActorsToIgnore;
FHitResult OutHit;

bool bFound = UKismetSystemLibrary::LineTraceSingleForObjects(GetWorld(), GetActorLocation(), (GetActorLocation() + GetActorUpVector() * ToDist), ObjectTypes, false, ActorsToIgnore, EDrawDebugTrace::Persistent, OutHit, true);
    // more to do.. 
  • bFound is always false in World Composition Level in Play as Client only,
  • working well in World Composition Level Listen Server,
  • working well in normal level (non world composition) in Play as Client also.

This will work anywhere except in InitGame() function of gamemode class.

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