Linetrace not properly syncing in Multiplayer

Hi all,

I´ve been stucked with a linetrace replication problem in UE 4.26.
I started with the FirstPerson Template and added the 3rd Person character Mesh and Camera.
The Camera is attached to the Parent “Head” to get my firstperson view.

unfortunately the camera is pointing upwards and i think this is where my problem begins.

I setup a linetrace for shooting, which is working fine on the character that does it. I can hit other players on the server and successfully reduce their health once they have been hit by the Linetrace.
At the point where i wanted to add Particle Effects on certain surface types it gets a bit weird. It seems that all other players on the Server start the linetrace from the Camera pointing in the Sky and therefore the particles like blood and sparks wont show for other players, since they´re spawning somewhere in the sky.

This are my Blueprints ( my get hit function was removed for testing purposes )

If i rotate the cameras Z axis by 90 degrees, it will point forward for network players but is still a little bit off.
Can someone please guide me in the right direction ? :slight_smile: any help is appreciated.

kind regards

Got it working with this Blueprint

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Thanks for this dude. It completely went over my head that I had to call the server and client before tracing