Linetrace event isn't working while crouching

Hi! So basically, I have 2 inputs events, one is a “interaction” event which creates a linetrace when I press the E key, and another one to crouch when I press the Ctrl key. The thing is that both events can’t be triggered at the same time, so the linetrace isn’t happening while crouching. Is there any way to go fix this?

Thank you!

Did you try making CTRL-E a key for your line trace also?

Yeah, but it didn’t help.

I saw this ( I’m actually thinking of the part at the bottom ):

If you are using UE5, this is the problem:

You need to go to Editor Preferences and change/delete that shortcut. It’s somehow blocking the input combination.

I’ll take a look at that!

Nope, I’m not using UE5 but I have the same issue.

Have you tried running in standalone vs PIE? Some Editor functions and key maps will interfere.

That was it! I didn’t know about that. Thank you so much, I was so worried!

IM glad your problem was solved