Linetrace emitters multiplayer

I’m trying to make a shooter using blueprints only, its multiplayer and decided to use linetrace for the shooting, If i use this.

it causes that p1 can shoot, so can p2, but neither see eachothers emitters.
If i switch shoot from multicast to server only, they only see their own linetraces, no emitters.

However, if i change fire to server only and shoot to multicast, they both can shoot from left to right, not up and down, and they can see eachothers Emitters, how do i solve this?

Basically you would want to have the actual linetrace and logic running on the server and the emitter / effects on the clients. So basically your third version is almost correct.

Now, what exactly do you mean with “not up and down”?

Like Actually not aim up or down, they can look but when they shoot up the gunshot goes just straight in the middle

this is what i mean

did you solved this? im having the same problem