Lines with normalmap?


i baked a normalmap with xNormal and have a problem.
Same problem when baked normalmap with Blender.

Ball with normalmap:

Ball without normalmap:

Can you show the UVs and the textures? I think your problem is that there is a seam there.

humm seems like you have either a normal that doesn’t tile, your sphere uv’s are not at 0 - 1 space, you have some hard edges on the sphere mesh or you had hard edges when you created the normal map and now those edges are smooth making the normal map out of date causing the seam.

check your normal map texture make sure it tiles -
check your sphere uv’s and make sure they are at 0, 1 uv space and that your edges match height, width wise.
check you mesh and make sure that all of your edges are smooth for the sphere. If they are not, unlock your normals and then make your edges smooth. Then very important! redo the xnormal map with the new fully smoothed sphere so the normal is up to date with the current meshes tangent space.

if problem still persists I recommend you avoid placing normal map data near the Uv border edge. Keep the normal map color near the border flat - that should be " R 128 G128 B 255" color or whatever color your normal deems as flat.