Lines on the mesh

Hi guys . i have a question. Why my mesh looks like this far away ? The weirdest side is Uv’s are painted totally and unwrapped but its like this. I found soludion partly but anyway i want to take your opinions too guys. Here im sharing my UV . This part is same there is lines too. But why im sharing Uv cuz i want to show that Uv is inside the paint, but anyway there has lines too like in first picture.

Here is a lil bit closer , i hope u will understand my problem.

What is lightmap resolution for it? The UVs could have overlap, or aren’t fitting in the UV map space well. There might be double vertices in there, or slightly disconnected vertices (by a fraction of a unit).

Not about lightmap res i tried. No overlaps, they are fitting in uv space. But broken connection of vertices or doubling im not sure i have to check that tomorrow. I’ll write here about news .

There’s also suggestions in other forum posts about smoothing groups. In the 3D modeler, there’s probably some way to establish or select areas of the mesh and generate smoothing groups, which helps in Unreal determining lighting and shadowing, and not having artifacts.

As @presto423 said it can be about smoothing group but for my opinion it seems to be caused by triangle on triangle. In 3DS Max you have a function in the polygon editor to clean the mesh from every unclosed triangles. As @trolltime809 said