Linear Gradient too blurry

Hey, so i have this particle emitter, with my own particles, but i’m using a particle material that i found in the Content Examples project, which works just fine. Although when i use it with my particles, which are much larger, the material gets really blurry:

So my question is, can i change the material, or something else, to get these textures particles to look less blurry?
Here’s the material that i found in the Content Examples project and that i’m using for these particles:

You can pretty easily control how blurry or not your radial gradiant is going to be by plugin something into the density pin of the node (mouse over it and it will tell you what the default value is, just get yourself a float (hold 1 and press enter, easy hotkey, in case you didnt know about it!) and link it in there. you might need to make the radius a bit smaller too, as messing with the density can make the outside edges creep out, but you can also solve that with another float (something like 0.45 should be fine if the default 0.5 doesnt work for you). Mess around with thouse 2 parametres untill you’ve got something you like!

Alternativelly, you could multiply your radial gradient by some value higher than 1 and then clamp it, but using the already existing density pin should be cleaner looking.

Thank you for the quick reply, it works just as intended! Also, to other people who read this, just a side note, if you want to make this adaptable according to your particle size, just multiply the Particle Size node (followed by a vector length node) with the Density’s default value, and plug that into the Density pin! And yes also lower the radius a bit.