linear color when importing roughness and metallic

I’ve noticed that when I import a normal map in UE, the engine knows that it’s a normal and imports it as such. Is there any way for UE to automatically uncheck the sRGB checkbox when I import roughness and metallic textures? It could simply read the name, and if the name consists of “roughness” or “metallic” tag, it could disable the sRGB checkbox.

I know it’s a minor annoyance, but when you’re dealing with 50+ textures it becomes a bit tiresome to turn off the sRGB checkbox and change the sampler type to linear color in the texture sample node, when creating a new material.


I don’t know if the engine can recognize texture types by naming convention. But if you have many texture files to update. Just select all of them then right click and select “Asset Actions > Bulk Edit via Property Matrix” and turn off sRGB on all of them at once. Do whatever other editing you need to.

Thank you! This will save me a lot of time.