Line Trace Not Hitting Skeletal Mesh

Hi I am shooting a projectile and on overlap with the a characters capsule component generate a line trace from the projectile and try and find the bone name of the part of the skeletal mesh that it collides with. But the line trace just goes straight through the skeletal mesh no matter what collision settings I try and change. Currently the skeletal mesh has a ragdoll collision and the capsule component has a pawn collision (auto weld is off). The projectile has the following custom collision. I have tried everything could someone suggest a possible fix or even a way to get a projectile collide with skeletal mesh so I get retrieve the bone names. I have also tried using the on event hit and it only collides with the capsule cannot get it to collide with the skeletal mesh. Thanks

I’ve got the exact same problem right now :slight_smile:
But I think I might have solved it!

Ok so I figured that:

  1. We can’t get the actor or the bone name, because it only triggers on the Capsule Coponent.
  2. If we remove the Capsule Coponent and it returns no results then it can’t hit the skeleton
  3. The reason should be that it doesn’t return anything but the skeleton gets rendered must be that there is no inherent collision on the Skeletal Mesh.
  4. Open UE4_Mannequin_Skeleton and look at Details - Physics:
  5. Enable Per Poly Collision (This I guess means that it auto-generates hitboxes from meshes)
  6. Select SK_mannequin_physicsasset (I’m guessing this contains collision info)

And it works :slight_smile: As per my screenshot


Thank you so much that was the reason.:slight_smile:

Thanks So Much! BRU!