Line of sight. Dynamic mesh

Line of sight.

3-axis rotation: X, Y, Z
High performance: the component is written in C ++
Texture support: component has no UV, textures are supported in local mesh space

Marketplace link: Here


Setting options: Angle and Radius

Simple usage: For minimal use only 2 functions need to be called

A simple way to get information about detected objects

An example of rotation along the Y axis. The component rotates along all 3 axes, this can be used for 2D games.

Component can be used with postprocess for pseudo lighting

Added version for 4.25. Changed the World rotation mode in the built-in functions (now it is not World Rotation, but the Y axis moves the mesh up)
The PostProcess2 material has been removed.

Hey, I really like this system. Is there a way to add verticality to the mesh? I would like to have a decal material that follows the shape, so it is projected down to uneven landscapes. Any pointers on how I would modify the C++ code to achieve this?

I think you know how to do this using Render Target.

If you need to rotate the mesh, then change the rotation in the transorm of the component.

Bugfix: after calling Stop Build Mesh and Start Build Mesh, the number of triangles increases and the translucency decreases
Added functions:
MeshIsBuilt - Returns true if Start Build Mesh was called
LineOfSightIsActive - will return true if Start Line Trace was called

In 4.27 dynamic can be created in Construction Script i.e. in the editor