limiting displacement/World Offset

Hello all.
What i’m struggling with is I have a mesh/material that i’m applying a noise map to into the world position offset that pans over the entire map. It all works and everything, however, because the object i’m applying the material to is a tree, i want to limit the offset made to only the X and Y coordinates, so the tree doesn’t grow or shrink vertically its applied to, just a horizontal swaying movement. BUT, no matter what I try and do (spent several hours trying to work it out, as well as changing the method by which the noise is applied to the WPO) I can’t seem to get it working correctly. It seems intent on applying the offset always on all 3 coordinates.
Is there anyway to fix this? (i’ll post pics if requested)

Don’t worry all, I fixed it. For anyone having a similar conundrum, all you need to do is plug in a component mask just before the world offset with just the ‘R’ and ‘G’ options selected.

I feel… like an idiot… :smiley: