Limit FPS in VR

Hello!!! I’m in a not that common situation, where I need to limit the frame rate in VR, because the project its meant to display at a museum, so it will run 24/7, and the enclosure where it is right now its very poorly ventilated.

My plan was to just limit the framerate when the VR headsets are not in use and displaying an screensaver image in the spectator viewport. Just displaying the splash screen on the spectator viewport doesn’t stop the rendering in the background (I thought that will be the case, but the GPU is still at the same workload), so I tried using the “t.maxFPS” command, but it does not affect at all the VR framerate or the spectator screen.

My temporal solution is to lower the screen resolution and changing the lit mode to unlit, that lowers the GPU usage, but it is not elegant at all and could be better definitely.

Is there any solution to lower the frame rate in VR that I have missed? Or maybe another approach to put the GPU into minimum use.

PS. my target HMD is an Oculus S

Did you to pause the game with Set Game Pause? It might help.

I believe in the Oculus debug tool you can set asyncronous spacewarp from auto to forced. That should force things to 40fps on Rift S. SteamVR has a per-app setting to do the same.