Limit Foliage to One Object?

I am trying to paint some grass foliage in my scene beside where I have a sidewalk. What is the best method for only painting it in the grass area? Right now the only way I can seem to figure out is zoom in with a small brush and try to trace the edge of the sidewalk. Is there a way to only paint the foliage to a single mesh?

There are checkboxes on the Brush options to only paint on Landscape, Static Mesh, BSP and some others. Not sure how you set it to a single static mesh

If you set the foliage tool to be able to paint onto static meshes, then the mesh needs to be set to “static” and not “moveable”. In other words setting your “sidewalk” mesh to moveable and your “grass area” mesh to static should let you do what you’re trying to do. However I think if there’s a mesh set to “static” underneath your sidewalk, it will most likely try to paint onto that mesh.