Lightwave to Unreal UV/Normal errors

I’m testing Lightwave 2020’s ability to work with Unreal and the normals are all messed up when I import and apply a UV map. I’m exporting FBX2014, and computing normals on import.Attached is a very basic test (the desired effect is a cube with rounded edges), can anyone help identify the issue? Thank you!

Is the project using “High Precision Normals” for the GBuffer (Project Settings > Rendering)? And are “Full Precision UVs” and “High Precision Tangent Basis” enabled in the mesh (inside mesh editor Build settings)?

Compute normals could be resulting in an overlap of pre-Unreal UVs with the newly computed ones. Or it could be basing the new UVs on the initial ones without proper reference in the scene. How is the render when keeping the exported UVs?

Try setting it to import normals and tangents

Compute normals doesnt have anything to do with UVs

I don’t think so. But I was saying that if the UVs are the problem, then perhaps the computed normals are interfering with it rendering correctly. I’ve encountered it before with importing from Blender. When I changed to Import Normals and Tangents, it looked correct, and it did involve how the lighting / shadowing was rendered, so I thought it was affecting the UVs.

I’ve tried importing normals and tangents, as well as full precision UVs, still getting the same issues. One odd thing, I noticed “Import Mesh” isn’t an option when importing an FBX as a skeletal mesh, could this be an issue?

Yeah, it could be. There’s another way for skeletal mesh import, and there’s also at least a few settings it can require.