Lightsaber Trail Effect with Niagara?

Hello Unreal forum.
So, the question is, for now unfortunately Niagara tool is my most weak side of Unreal 4 engine, but I hope you or someone who read this topic can help me to reproduce this lightsaber trail effect :

I saw a few similar questions on forums and usualy they stay unanswered. Maybe someone already did similar trail.
I know about existing feature AnimTrail Data on Cascade, but it useless for exactly lighstaber trail cause :

  1. It looks like a flag but not a trail of lightsaber.
  2. It’s a 2d plane if we look from different sides we will see just a line, but at Star Wars films and Battlefront DICE, Fallen Order games this trail is volumetric.
    Also, I’am try another way to do this, make static mesh (volumetric triangle) like trail, snap to handle of saber, but in this case don’t know how to make relative rotation based on lightsaber moving directions.
    Thank you for attention and time, hope someone know or guess how to impement this effect.

Perhaps a ribbon trail like this:
Or a line trail like this:

Nice, thank you for right direction, it’s a good idea. I will try it :slight_smile:

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