Lights went out

So I was building lights, and after it got done(about 25-30 hours on HIGH) ue4 tried to save the work and export the settings and crashed.
I reopened the scene, couldn’t restore it because it crashed and when I skipped restore this is what happened.
I tried to add new lights and are still black. Rebuild lightning and it s still black.
What can I do to repair this

EDIT: Light works when I am inside LightMass Importance Volume. What can I do to make it work from everywhere

Problem solved. It was a Post Proccess Volume that I had to delete

That’s really weird. A post process volume with default settings wouldn’t do that. I think it had something to do with the settings not exporting and when the crash occurred. For that type of crash, it may be helpful to submit a bug report because in the report form it has a way to attach the crash report.

Was there much placed in the scene? or was it at a small scale with not lots of objects yet?

I have around 50k objects in the scene. It crashes everytime i bake on High. If it s on medium it s ok but i think my project it s too big. I have around 300gb of files in it.
I think it s because of my Ram. When its saving ram gets full(32gb).

It probably needs some optimization. Culling lots of objects based on if they’re in the camera view or not, and based on distance. Generating mipmaps (LODs) for materials based on distance and visibility. Lowering lightmap resolution for objects that are not often close to the camera view and are usually far away, or aren’t visible at all (like the underside of floors and ground). 32 GB ram I think would be plenty, but 300 GB is pretty steep. What’s it for?

This is what happens when you do things blindly and don t study first how to optimize lightning.

The project that I am working on has triple A graphics and is pretty big because I work with 4K objects. It needed a ton of optimizations

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Thanks for your reply