Lights need to rebuild after CI build in teamcity

Hi there i have a huuuuge problem.

I’m setting up a CI in my company. In one project we have so many maps, so we can’t build all of them in every build BUT. When we build for example in first build map : World_001 → lights are good there, but when we run 2nd build with map : World_002, but there is no World_001 then lights in World_001 have some lights issues (when we get into map in editor, there is info, that some objects need lights rebuild - and it’s not all objects at map, but few objects).

Comands we use to build :

cd /d

UE4Editor-CMD.exe “” -run=resavepackages -buildlighting -quality=Preview -allowcommandletrendering -map=

UE4Editor-Cmd.exe “” -run=Cook -TargetPlatform=WindowsNoEditor -fileopenlog -ddc=InstalledDerivedDataBackendGraph -unversioned -stdout -CrashForUAT -unattended -NoLogTimes -UTF8Output

cd /d

RunUAT BuildCookRun -installed -nop4 -project="" -skipcook -stage -archive -archivedirectory= -package -ue4exe=D:\Silniki\UE_4.26\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor-Cmd.exe -clean -compressed -ddc=InstalledDerivedDataBackendGraph -pak -prereqs -distribution -targetplatform=Win64 -clientconfig=Shipping -utf8output