Lights for the forest

Hello Everyone. I have a problem. Ive created dence forest and all is ok in preview mode. But when i build the lights for the scene all becomes dark inside the forest.
How can i fix this?Thanks

Most likely the lightmap resolution on your meshes is too low (default is 64 pixels) which would cause the pixels to be big and make shadow cover large areas.

Thnks for the reply but it dont help. Maybe i should use reflection somehow? This is probably of too dense forest

Are you using directional/skylights?

I’m using almost all ‘as is’ from FirstPersonExampe. Just little adjustments like sun brightness


Also im recieving 2 types of errors like on last 2 screenshots

Your lightmap resolution is too low and you might run out of memory if you increase it.

Your lightmaps also overlap. Try to first make good looking forest without using instanced foliage. It’s bit trickier to setup instanced foliage lightmaps so just make it work without them first.

btw , I am using trees and grass from SpeedTree. Maybe I need to make some adjustments there before export or in the UE?

Even the UV for textures in Speetree is horrible let alone the lightmaps it creates… Manual work is needed indeed.