Lights causing bad FPS


I have placed lights with light switches in my map. There are 8 together in close proximity, when I turn 2 lights on my fps is about 50-60fps, 4 turned on - 40fps, 6 - 30fps and so on.

Is there a way I can keep my game at over 60fps with all lights turned on?

The lights are set to movable. I tried static but then I need to build the lighting of my game which gets stuck at 0% for hours and makes my entire computer very slow (very high-end computer)

I have tried lowering the details of the scenery but that barely makes much difference (fps wise) when the lights are in use


I agree that static lighting is like pulling teeth.

Can the player see all the lights at once? If not, you can limit that render distance:

Yeah the player can see all lights at once, there are 8 of them very close together (they need to be). Unless you mean player needs to turn to face them (my game is in first person), the lights all need to be a step away from each other

I think you will get a frame drop then… What are you getting from 8 packed lights like that?

Its important for the scene, I see lots of packed lights in close proximity in games all the time so surely I can do that too

Maybe you -think- you see that :slight_smile: I’m assuming most of the time, it’s just meshes with emissive material.

I take that back ( partially ). Here’s for instance, I’m using a lot of point lights to complement the emissive, but I still get 120 fps:

The only thing I changed on the lights was draw distance and attenuation radius.

Ah - turn off shadows…

Ah very interesting, nice looking scene you got there btw!

Yeah my lights are basically the distance of your lights (possibly twice as many however).

I did turn off shadows of my lights but for some reason that didnt change the fps at all, only when the lights are turned off do I have good fps.

My lights do have very high intensity however (I tried lowering the intensity but that didnt change anything either strangely).

Maybe Ill have to change the draw distance then, but what draw distance should I set it to, what are the draw distances of the lights in your scene?

Mine are set to 2000, but shadows are the main thing…

Cost of dynamic / stationary lights goes up exponentially if there are multiple of them with overlapping influence radiuses.