lights and shadows through meshes

Is it just me or does it seem like lights and shadows go through floors and walls?

You’re probably doing something wrong

probably but all I am doing is making a building using the starter content walls and floors. this is a 5 level building and any static meshes I put on the levels will shadow on every level and even down on the ground outside.

You’re probably still doing something wrong, hard to tell what it is without screenshots.

When i get home i will post a few , thanks. Now that i think about it , I put another directional light above and outside the building so i could see better what i was doing, i wonder if this could be affecting it? The directional lights seem quite powerful

I would say its the light source , 1st pic is 6 guys inside building with shadows. 2nd pic is through the wall outside the building. 3rd pic is same 6 guys with shadows and my other directional light deleted, but in 4th pic shadows are still outside the wall on ground. ScreenShot00020.jpg

the last 2 pics are on a default level with no other lighting or anything added other than what comes with it by default.

Are your walls made of one-sided planes? Did you rebuild your lighting when you change your lights? I would get rid of the second directional light if you still have it there.

is there a way to build lighting for only one level , I only see that option for building geometry. Anyway I built the lighting and its still the same. I am only using walls and floors from the starter content.