Lightning Problem

Hey Guys,
im trying to create a room with realistic Lightning, and it looks actually very pretty! :slight_smile: But when i try to build the Lightning i get several errors and i dont how i can fix them.
I already tryed to assaign them the second UV channel within unreal engine but i still get the same error.
As 3d Program i use Blender.

Basically your uv set that is used for the lightmap has overlapping uvs. Your best bet is to go to your 3d package and create a 2nd uv set just for uvs on your own… Unreals auto generation of lightmap uvs often does this to me too… and i have no idea if there is any way to fix it. So far i just assumed its garbage 50% of the time.

Take a look at this tutorial about lightmaps -> :slight_smile:

Other lighting problem

I haven’t found any images that look like this when i google “lighting problem.”
Any ideas? I have my suspicions but it would be good to get some other opinions.

Alright i created a new UV map in Blender but it still doesn´t work…
Does anyone have a tutorial how to do it proper in Blender?, because i assume that i havent done it right…
@fighter5347: I dont have 300 Dollar that i can spend per month for that kind of “hobby” :smiley:

In blender it works the same as in maya, but you could also do it like that: (but not recommended as you get a better result when you do it by hand) :slight_smile:

Alright so i did rework 2 Objects, but it only did work with the 1st one. With the second one i still get an error.
I will continue and write the result here than.

Made a Mistake it works !! Thanks !