Lightning Problem

Hi there

I got a weird Lightning problem on my Mesh and i had no idea where is comming from.
I Import the Mesh as an Plane and it works, same as i cut out the Door and import it, everything works fine. After i select vertices
and extrude them backwards, my problem starts.

Hope someone can help me out :wink:

Make sure your normals smoothing are correct—it might be trying to smooth the extruded hole with the wall. There’s some settings in your export along with settings when importing to UE4 that can configure smoothing.

Thanks for answer.
The FBX Export set to smoothing groups. I Import a lot of Assets awithout any problems :frowning:

If you’re using 3ds Max, when you extrude the new faces will not have a smoothing group assigned to them.

Ok i will take a look at it again.
I know now where i have to look for, thanks for help darthviper107 :wink: