Lightning my night scene - What am I missing ?

Hello. I created this night scene. I used light propagation volume (dynamic global illmination) and dynamic lights. I set my lights to also generate dynamic global illumination, cast transculent shadows etc. I switched on effect like AO, Generate Mesh Distance Fields, Screen Space Reflection (max quality).

Yet I am looking at my picture and I think that I am missing something. I am not talking about quality of my meshes or textures but I think that I forgot about something. I am also wondering if I correctly set my GI because with GI my images get only a little bit darker in some places and a little bit more messy (I am talking here about samples (floor for example)):

With GI:


Without GI:


How Can I improve my lighting ? Or what am I missing with my light/rendering ?

Thanks in advance and Cheers !

I believe LPV mostly relies on using a directional light, you probably would want to set up a directional light acting like the moon providing just a bit of light.

Only directional lights and emissive materials can work with LPV

I have directional light in my scene too. It is also setup to use indirect lighting, transulent shadows etc.

I will of course appreciate all hints and ideas. I tried various settings power and radius of my lights but it still looks plain and boring. I didn’t had any experience with lighting by far, so every tips might help me :slight_smile:

Maybe this will help you, see post #9 in this thread.

Thank You, will check this out :slight_smile:

I did some more experiments and I must say that in most cases spot light is better than point light. I am not sure why, but spot light looks just more interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way I assume that I am correctly using this dynamic global illumination ? (I mean, I am not skipping some important thing?)