Lightning / Material Issue in UE4

Hi, i am creating my learning to create games on Unreal engine, i am having trouble with lighting or material in my project, it flickers a lot. If player is not moving there is no flicker but as soon as it does , it flickers like shown in the video.Lightning / Material Issue in UE4 - YouTube have tried disabling skylight or any light but it doesn’t work. Problem occurs in all type of material, i am using the one from Infinity Blade: Fire Lands. It is not asset related.

As for me - it looks like z-fighting. Is it possible that planes are overlapping each other?

I have checked it but couldnt find the issue about z axis. These are spawning one after another (infinite spawning) This is how it’s configured.

I see that you’re trying to reproduce the endless runner tutorial right?

The problem you’re having is with the overlapping for sure. To solve that, you sould set your tile in the way that the box STARS at 0,0,0. The way that you set it up one tile is spawning on top of the next one.

Just move your cube, the attach point and the box colision 5 units on the X axis and that should fix your issue.

Yes i am following that tutorial.
Thank you. Changing X axis didn’t helped but it gave me some idea, i changed Y axis to -100 instead of -50 and it worked. Thanks

Good job man! Keep going!