Lightning-Issue with static mesh created from bsp

I have a hollow room created with simple bsp-boxes. In this room I made a hole for the door. In this hole I set another bsp-box, which (for using in blueprints) I converted to a static mesh.
After setting the “Light Map Resolution” to “32” and the “Light Map Coordinate Index” to “1”, I built the lightning.

The Problem is: Although they have all applied the same white material, the static mesh looks different.
Attached you find a screenshot of the scene.

Anyone knows what the problem could be?

For static meshes the lightmap resolution is the actual resolution, so 32 is 32x32 pixels, for BSP that resolution value is like the unit size or something like that which is why you set the number lower to get higher resolution.

Thank you darthviper107. By setting the “Min Lightmap Resolution” to 4 and “Light Map Resolution” to 32 i managed to adjust the lightning almost to the surrounding bsp-walls. Except for the shadows. No shadows from the wall-corner are showing on the static mesh.

Min Lightmap Resolution does not change the lightmap resolution, that changes the settings for the tool that generates lightmap UV’s in UE4 (it’s an option but I don’t recommend it). You wouldn’t want a resolution of 4 anyways. You would want it higher than 32, like I said for static meshes the setting there is literally the lightmap resolution so 32 is 32x32 pixels.