Lightning - Huge contrast between assets and landscape

I’m trying to make a scene which uses landscape and has some outdoor and indoor sections. While with outdoors everything is OK, I’ve approached a problem in my indoor section.

The indoor section is a cave with some pillars in it which use bright, stone material (similar to sandstone). The floor of the “cave” is a part of my landscape which uses simply sandy material. When I bake the lights, a huge contrast between pillars and the floor appear - pillars are properly lighten, but the floor (part of the landscape) is very dark, even if they both use materials with similar colors/roughness/etc.

Is it because of that the landscape is in both interior and exterior?

It’s hard to tell without screenshots, but it might be due to the low resolution of your landscape’s lightmap. I would use a mesh for the floor of the cave, since it will give you more control over the lightmap density and other things. Increasing the lightmap resolution for your landscape for the sake of a few square meters of cave would be an enormous waste of memory.

Thank you for tips and help :slight_smile:
Similar issue appears with some standard meshes placed on the floor (simple tiles) - they are also overly dark…

I did a test map with the same assets and materials and set them in a similar way to my cave. Results are horrible but they summarize all defects which appear on my map… There are strange lines (like the texture is not tiled properly and which appear only after baking lights), there are even stranger highlights at the bottom (which did not appear in my project… for now), and parts of the floor are overly dark (in my project greater part of the floor is almost black).

Are you using modular tiles for the floor? Sometimes that can lead to these issues, so it’s better to use one large mesh for the floor. As for the leaking under the walls, this can sometimes be fixed by setting your lightmass bake to “Production.” The floor doesn’t look too dark to me, but I don’t know what the textures are like. Can you post a screenshot using the “Lighting only” viewmode?

The tiles in the back of the cave are a single object, and ones visible on the floor and under the column are just ‘painted’ with material over the landscape. In case of my project, the floor looks like the leftmost and rear “tile” on the landscape at the back of the cave - almost black in comparision to columns.

I will post a new screenshot tomorrow, since it’s 2am here and I’m to tired at the moment to wait until the scene will bake, if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

OK, here is the requested screenshot from my project. Landscape under the columns uses the very similar material to them (it’s also bright), but after baking it it’s very dark (not sandy-like but chocolate). Those cuts similar to chessboard do not appear in this part of the cave, but they are visible in other parts :frowning:

Have you tried building in Production mode? I’m not sure what else to try besides that.

Yes, it looked the same as above :frowning:
I will probably have to rebuild this part of the scene to omit the issue :confused: