Lightning disappearing?

I’m using one of the Paragon gadget mesh particle effect to create a lightning effect. The problem is that it disappears at certain camera angle. Almost as if the mesh is being culled.
How do i prevent that? Video below:

It does look like its been culled, probably because of the bound of the mesh being too small for its actual size (most probably because the mesh has no collisions at all). To check if thats the case you can, in Editor, go to the top of the viewport, click on show->advanced->bounds. This way you will be able to see if thats the issue. Whenever the bound of the mesh its out of sight, it will get culled, irregardless of the actual size of the mesh.

To fix it you have to go into your mesh properties, and then increase the possitive and negative bound extensions (in general settings of the mesh, you need to expand the section).

Hope that helps! Have a nice day!

Thanks. I had to go to particle effect, tick use fixed relative bounding box, and change Max X value from 1 to 100. Then i was able to see that bound is covering the whole mesh.